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BAUCO® paint-ready option

Save time on your jobsite

With the BAUCO® paint-ready option, you no longer need to finish the door leaves of BAUCO® plus IIBAUCO® XL, and BAUCO® rondo access panels. BAUCO® paint-ready finished panels ship direct to you with a highly durable, factory-primed drywall door leaf. Skilled trades install and finish the external aluminum door frame and then simply insert the BAUCO® paint-ready leaf right before painting.

  • Fewer installation steps for drywall access panels
  • Door leaf is finished for you. All you need to do is install and finish the access panel frame in the outer wall.
  • Available for any size panel and with all types of gypsum board inlay
  • When you order BAUCO® paint-ready option for your BAUCO® plus II, BAUCO® XL, or BAUCO® rondo panels, we supply a durable, factory-primed door leaf

How You Benefit:

Labour Savings:
Reduced installation time for skilled trades
No need to fill, sand, or touch-up door leaf surfaces
Stands up to longterm usage for reduced recalls

Site Convenience:

Door leaves can be stored offsite until ready to paint
Full access for trades working on mechanical installation
No staging space required for leaf filling and sanding

For Use In:

  • Jobs with time or space constraints
  • Approved for non-fire-rated assemblies
  • All assemblies in either 1/2″ or 5/8″ drywall
  • New construction or repairs in walls and ceilings
  • Heavy use applications needing exceptional durability

Standard Features:

  • Available for any standard or custom BAUCO® plus II, BAUCO® XL, or BAUCO® rondo access panel
  • Door leaf ships with drywall inlay that has been finished and primed flush to the frame
  • Durable door surface made from heavy-duty commercial wall covering paper
  • Adhesive and finish proven in humidity-chamber testing
  • Withstands heavy use, as demonstrated by extensive laboratory cycle-testing
  • Access panel outer frame must be fastened to surrounding drywall and finished, as with standard models (see installation instructions)

Installation Sequence:

  1. Frame rough opening and hang drywall
  2. Install, finish, and paint-out access panel outer frame only
  3. Complete mechanical installation and servicing
  4. Hang and paint access door leaf

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