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The best way to access

your systems? Precisely.

When SilverLining Inc was building an elegant dressing room designed by Justin Scott for the Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse, they realized that the very sleek design clashed with the existing access panels. They reached out to BAUCO for help, and we were happy to provide two ceiling-mounted BAUCO Plus II access panels that would be virtually invisible in the finished room.

As well as the BAUCO Plus II, we also carry the extra large BAUCO XL, the BAUCO Air architectural air return grille, the BAUCO Rondo circular access panel, and the economical BAUCO softline sheet metal access door. Available at factory-direct pricing from our manufacturing facility in Victoria, British Columbia.

Need access to systems in a prominent location with a high-end finish? BAUCO provides precise and pleasing solutions to this frequently encountered problem.