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The best way to cover an HVAC unit?

With a BAUCO access panel.

When LG Electronics Canada Inc needed a functional and elegant way to provide access and airflow to their new HVAC Model LHN098HV1, they chose the BAUCO XL and the BAUCO air.

Designed for large wall access openings where a clean finish is required, the BAUCO XL is available in standard and custom sizes, from 24” x 36” panels to double door configurations with up to 22 sq. ft. door leaves. With concealed hardware, minimal perimeter gap, and flush, frameless finish, the BAUCO XL is virtually invisible.

Consistent with the clean lines and minimalist design of the BAUCO XL, the BAUCO air, our architectural return air grille, was located below the panel.

Need HVAC access in a prominent location with a high-end finish? BAUCO provides precise and pleasing solutions to this frequently encountered problem.