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BAUCO® softline

Cost-effective clean sheet metal access door with soft-transition surface frame

BAUCO® softline is a sheet-metal access door designed to be the most visually appealing and functional product of its kind. The low profile frame hugs the surrounding surface minimizing shadows and sight lines. Concealed hardware ensures a clean appearance. The white powder-coated finish on galvanized sheet-metal provides high durability and corrosion protection.


  • Access openings in drywall walls and ceilings as well as wood, masonry, tile, and stone surfaces
  • Clean finish and minimal disruption to sightlines
  • Quick and easy replacement of existing access panels that have become tarnished or rusted

Product Mount Drawing for the BAUCO® softline

Front-Mount Installation


Simple and quick installation

Simple front-mount installation with adjustable anchor brackets and no painting required (can be painted with minimal surface preparation)

Standard Sizes

A wide range of standard sizes from 6 x 6" to 24 x 24" in stock ready to ship directly to jobsite. Custom sizes available with quantity.

Minimalist detail

Concealed hardware and low profile frame provide a clean and crisp result that minimizes disruption to the design.

Product Gallery

Standard Sizes

Nominal Size
Door Size (X/Y)
Cut Opening in Drywall (B) & Rough Opening (C)
6 x 6"
5-¾ x 5-¾”
6” x 6” (150x 150mm)
0.7lbs (0.3kg)
8 x 8"
7-¾ x 7-¾”
7-⅞ x 7-⅞” (200 x 200mm)
1.2lbs (0.5kg)
12 x 12"
11-⅝ x 11-⅝”
11-⅞ x 11-⅞” (300 x 300mm)
2.0lbs (0.9kg)
14 x 14"
13-¼ x 13-¼”
13-¾ x 13-¾” (350 x 350mm)
2.8lbs (1.3kg)
16 x 16"
15-⅝ x 15-⅝”
15-¾ x 15-¾” (400 x 400mm)
3.1lbs (1.4kg)
18 x 18"
17-⅜ x 17-⅜”
17-¾ x 17-¾” (450 x 450mm)
4.2lbs (1.9kg)
20 x 20"
19-¼ x 19-¼”
19-¾ x 19-¾” (500 x 500mm)
5.3lbs (2.4kg)
24 x 24"
23-½ x 23-½”
23-⅝” x 23-⅝” (600 x 600mm)
6.3lbs (2.9kg)
Standard Sizes for the BAUCO® softline

With front-mount models, the drywall is installed up to the edge of the rough opening.

Cut opening (B) is the opening in the drywall. Rough opening (C) is the distance between framing members that provide the structural opening for the access panel.

Both B and C =X or Y + 1/4”.

Installation guidance for BAUCO® softline

Custom Sizes

  • Custom sizes and larger openings possible with bulk orders.



Options + Customization

  • Standard latch on the BAUCO softline is a mechanical touch latch. Keyed latch option available.
  • Custom colors in powder-coat finishing available (RAL color palette). Requires minimum order of 150 pcs + longer leadtimes

Latch Options

Touch Latch

Standard: Mechanical touch latch

Keyed Lock

Key-operated cylinder lock, (2) keys per lock, keyed alike


From submittal drawings to BIM objects and specification information, we have the tools you need for your project. Can't find what you're looking for, or need something custom? Contact our Customer Service team by email at info@bauco.com, toll-free at 1-877-592-0033, or via our contact form.

Installation Support

BAUCO softline - Installation Guide
Installation guide for the BAUCO softline

For installation videos, please visit our Vimeo Channel

Finishing Options

BAUCO works with design and construction professionals to develop custom solutions that allow our access panels to blend into your design and integrate with your unique application. Contact us to discuss your project.

From the Factory


The low profile frame and door covers openings in drywall walls and ceilings as well as wood, masonary, tile and stone surfaces with easy insert from the front and attachment of anchor brackets.

Durable factory coatings

All BAUCO softline access panels come standard with a white powder-coated finish (RAL 9016) over galvanized sheet metal. Custom colours available with quantity.


  • Can you manufacture custom sizes in the BAUCO® softline?

    Yes. However, we do not manufacture them in our North American plant, so an order quantity greater than 150 is required because of the logistics, costs, and larger production lead time.

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