BAUCO® rondo

Circular access panel for drywall with rear-mount frame

BAUCO® rondo is a circular drywall access panel based on the design principles of the square BAUCO® plus II model. The concealed hardware lets it seamlessly blend with the surrounding ceiling. Once installed and finished, a clean 1/16″ perimeter gap is all that remains visible.


  • Access openings in drywall ceilings that have curvilinear design features
  • Cleanest finish possible required
  • Standard sizes of 12″, 16″, and 24″ diameter
  • Wide variety of surface finishes such as paint, wallpaper, or facing materials such as tile and millwork
  • Areas with sound transmission concerns


Virtually Invisible

Concealed hardware, flush install and finish and narrow perimeter gap ensure an elegant and virtually invisible finish. The access panel surface can be covered with a wide variety of materials like paint, wallpaper and tile to match the surrounding wall or ceiling decor.

Accepts Facing Material

Accepts a wide variety of facing materials. The free pivoting hinge accommodates the thickness of the facing material and flush integration with the substrate allows continuity of material from the surrounding surfaces. The result is clean and continuous finish across the access panel for a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Acoustic Integrity

The mass of the drywall inlay provides a sound absorption barrier the helps mitigate sound transmission.

Standard Sizes

Nominal SizeDoor Size (A) DiameterCut Opening In Drywall (B) DiameterMinimum Rough Frame Opening (C)Weight
12″11-⅞” (300mm)12-⅛” (308mm)12-¼ x 12-¼” (311 x 311mm)3lbs (1.4kg)
16″15-¾” (400mm)16″ (406mm)18-¼ x 18-¼” (464 464mm)5lbs (2.3kg)
24″23-⅝” (600mm)23-⅞” (606mm)26-⅜ x 26-⅜” (670 x 670mm)12lbs (5.4kg)

Door size (X ) is the diameter of the clear opening with the door leaf removed. Some hardware may infringe slightly.

Cut opening (B) is the opening in the drywall. With BAUCO rear mount frame products, the drywall overlaps the framing on all sides and the access panel frame is located on the back of the drywall. (B= X or Y + 3/8”)

Rough framed opening (C) is the distance between framing members that provide structural opening for access panel. (C= X or Y + 2-1/2”)

Custom Sizes

  • Available in three sizes: 12″, 16″, and 24″ diameter

Options + Customization

  • Custom inlay options include, but are not limited to, acoustic drywall board, tile backer, plasterboard, and plywood. The factory-installed standard inlay is moisture / mold resistant drywall
  • Additional latch options include Slotted head CAM, tamper-resistance Torx head CAM and Keyed Lock. Standard latch on the BAUCO Rondo is a mechanical touch latch
  • BAUCO paint-ready option finishes your panels with a durable factory-primed door leaf that reduces installation time on-site

Latch Options

Touch Latch

Standard: Mechanical touch latch

Slotted Cam

Slotted screwdriver cam latch

Torx Cam Latch

Tamper-resistant torx head cam latches

Keyed Lock

Key-operated cylinder lock, (2) keys per lock, keyed alike


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Installation Support

Finishing Options

In addition to various common finishing options and typical substrates, BAUCO works with design and construction professionals to develop custom solutions that allow our access panels to blend into your design and integrate with your unique application. Contact us to discuss your project.

From the Factory Standard

For typical drywall finishing, the standard BAUCO rondo is supplied with a moisture and mold resistant drywall inlay. Once finished, the access panel blends seamlessly into the surrounding drywall wall or ceiling.

BAUCO paint-ready Option

With this time saving option, you no longer need to finish the door leaves of BAUCO plus II, BAUCO XL, and BAUCO rondo access panels. BAUCO paint-ready finished panels ship to you with a highly durable, factory-primed drywall door leaf. Skilled trades need only to install and finish the access panel outer frame and then simply insert the BAUCO paint-ready leaf right before painting.

Possible Treatments – By Others


Wallpaper can be applied directly to the surface of the access panel door leaf, allowing the access panel to blend in with the the wall or ceiling finish. For this treatment, it is recommended that the standard access panel be finish and coated to prepare for application.


As with millwork and other build up of facing material, tile can be can be adhered to the door leaf continuous with the surrounding wall or ceiling. To facilitate application of tile by others onsite to blend with the surrounding finish, the BAUCO rondo access panel can be supplied with a tile backer or cement board. Contact us to discuss your tile application

Wood Veneer

As with all veneer finish treatments, wood veneer continues from the surrounding wall or ceiling across the face of the access panel. The standard BAUCO rondo access panel with the drywall inlay can be prepared on site for application of various veneers.


The free pivot hinge and installed alignment of the door leaf and substrate surfaces allows for facing materials of varied thicknesses to be applied. The access panel can be supplied with an alternate inlay such as plywood for facing or provided as the access panel frame only to prepare for inlay by skilled trades on site. Contact us to discuss your millwork application.


No. Because the frames require an aluminum spinning process, we can offer you our three most popular sizes.

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