BAUCO® air

Architectural air return grille for drywall with rear-mount frame

The BAUCO® air is an aluminum linear bar air return grille that installs via a rear-mount frame into any drywall surface or comes integrated into BAUCO drywall access panels. The removable grille core consists of vanes fixed at 45 degrees providing 48% free area. The BAUCO® air finishes flush and frameless with the surrounding surface for a clean minimalist effect.


  • Air return grilles installing into drywall walls or ceilings made of 5/8″ or 1/2″ board
  • Minimalist flush finish required
  • Standard and custom sizing from 6×6″ to 48×48″
  • Return air grille factory integrated into BAUCO access panels


Minimalist detail

Minimalist detail
Concealed hardware and flush finish frame provide a clean and crisp result that minimizes disruption to the design.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

Tool free removal of the aluminum linear bar grille core with concealed touch latches provides durability, smooth access and easy cleaning

Finish Options

Standard grille core finish in white powder coat or clear annodized. Mill finish can be supplied for paint on site. In larger quantities, custom colour powder coat finish available.

Custom Sizes

Custom dimensions starting at 6” up to 48″. Available in several standard sizes.

Standard Sizes

Nominal SizeOpening (X/Y)Cut Opening In Drywall (B)Minimum Rough Framed Opening (C)Weight
12 x 12″12 x 12″ (305 x 305mm)12-⅜ x 12-⅜” (314 x 314mm)14-½ x 14-½” (368 x 368mm)3lbs (1.4kg)
16 x 16″15-¾ x 15-¾” (400 x 400mm)16-⅛ x 16-⅛” (410 x 410mm)18-¼ x 18-¼” (464 x 464mm)6lbs (2.7kg)
18 x 18″18-¼ x 18-¼” (464 x 464mm)18-⅝ x 18-⅝” (473 x 473mm)20-¾ x 20-¾” (527 x 527mm)8lbs (3.6kg)
24 x 24″23-⅞ x 23-⅞” (606 x 606mm)24-¼ x 24-¼” (616 x 616mm)26-½ x 26-½” (673 x 673mm)13lbs (5.9kg)

Grille opening size (X and/or Y) is the clear opening with the grille removed. Some hardware may infringe slightly. Design provides 48% free area.

Cut opening (B) is the opening in the drywall. With BAUCO rear mount frame products, the drywall overlaps the framing on all sides and the access panel frame is located on the back of the drywall. (B= X or Y + 3/8”)

Rough framed opening (C) is the distance between framing members that provide structural opening for access panel. (C= X or Y + 2-1/2”)

Custom sizes available with short lead times.

Custom Sizes

  • Custom sizes starting at 6×6″ up to 48×48″ provided with short lead times.

Options + Customization

  • Standard latch on the BAUCO air is a concealed mechanical touch latch. Grille core can be supplied fixed in finishing frame if required.

Latch Options

Touch Latch

Standard: Concealed mechanical touch latch for easy core removal

Fixed Mount

Grille core is removable with tools for security


From submittal drawings to BIM objects and specification information, we have the tools you need for your project. Can’t find what you’re looking for, or need something custom? Contact our Customer Service team by email at, toll-free at 1-877-592-0033, or via our contact form.

Installation Support

Finishing Options

In addition to the standard installation and finishing, BAUCO works with design and construction professionals to develop custom solutions that allow our grilles to integrate with your unique application and compliment your design. Contact us to discuss your project.

From the Factory Standard

BAUCO® air return grilles integrate frameless and flush into any drywall surface. Standard grille core comes white powder coated or clear annodized. Custom colour powder coating available with quantity.

Factory integration in access panel

BAUCO® air return grilles can be factory installed into the drywall inlays of our access panels (BAUCO® plus II, BAUCO® XL, BAUCO® rondo, and BAUCO® plus) Grille cores can be removed independently of the access panel door leaf.

Possible Treatments – By Others

Grille core coating on site

The BAUCO air grille core component can be supplied with raw mill finish for preparation and painting on site.


Yes. The grilles can be completely removed from their frame.

Yes. You can purchase just the grilles and frameless finish without the access panel.

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