Aston Martin Residences, Miami FL
Bodas Miani Anger

Aston Martin Residences

  • Miami, FL USA

The Aston Martin Residences located in Miami, Florida, is a new 391 unit condominium development on 66 floors, making it Miami’s tallest all-residential building. Each apartment is fitted with modern interiors featuring sleek white walls, floors, and ceilings punctuated by modern black marble. The relatively subtle design cues allow the aqua blues of the Atlantic to filter into floor-to-ceiling windows that line each room.

During the construction phase, our dedicated team was committed to ensuring the utmost quality and aesthetics for this multi-million-dollar luxury project. In collaboration with Coastal Construction and Revuelta Architecture, we set out to identify an access panel solution that would seamlessly blend with the walls and ceilings, leaving no trace of disruption.

Our manufacturing team has been working diligently to meet demand and deliver these panels with exceptional lead times. The first of four shipments departed our facility on June 7th, and our packaging team has taken great care to secure the access panels in sturdy crates, guaranteeing they arrive in pristine condition. Our shipping department has been coordinating meticulously to ensure everything stays organized and on schedule.

This project is ongoing, with four scheduled shipments of orders still to come. It’s yet another example of the BAUCO Access Panel Solutions team coming together to provide top-quality products and exceptional service to our valued customers and projects.

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