UBS Arts Building
Leckie Studio Architecture + Design

UBC Arts Student Centre

  • Vancouver, BC

The new Arts Student Centre is the newest on an ever-growing list of University of British Columbia projects where BAUCO Access Panels have been selected. Over the past few years, BAUCO panels have been included at UBC’s Sauder School of Business, Student Union Building, Undergraduate Life Sciences Teaching Laboratories and Student Residences.

This latest project comes from the design desk of a Vancouver based Architecture + Design studio. Nestled in amongst UBC’s busy East Mall area, the 11,700 square foot, three storey tall building stands out with it unique cylindrical shape. The building will serve as the hub for the university’s Visual Arts Department. With a circular motif in mind, the design team at Leckie was very delighted to be introduced to the BAUCO rondo. All three sizes of rondo we used throughout the building, effortlessly blending into the design. The fact that BAUCO rondos were supplied by a Canadian company and could also be shipped to site so quickly was a pleasant bonus.

The contractor, Somatic, was a first time BAUCO user. They made sure to let us know how pleased they were with our panels and with our service. They made special note on how our customer service team was “very helpful through every stage on a project that had a lot of changes and confusion”. Since the completion of the Arts Student Centre, the customer has requested a quote for the upcoming UBC Department of Physical Therapy expansion project and for a multi-residential building in Vancouver.

The ACS at UBC is another great example of BAUCO’s ability to deliver products that cater to the client’s specific design elements.

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