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SilverLining Inc.

220 Central Park South

New York, NY

SilverLining Inc. has completed over 3000 exceptional high-end construction and renovation projects. Since 2007, BAUCO access panel solutions have been part of their standard of execution.

Custom access openings are needed in almost every room to accommodate mechanical and AV services in walls and ceilings with minimal disruption of high-end finishes such as millwork and venetian plaster.


Job: 60 panels in 14 custom sizes for use in 8 different rooms in a residence.

Bauco has become a trusted partner by consistently delivering the variety of standard and custom sizes to the project site on time and as specified. In fact, we have delivered nearly 500 shipments to this customer since 2007. To facilitate easy coordination on site, each product can be labeled with its installation location. ex: “Master Bedroom”. This attention to detail and ability to customize our service has underlined our long history with SilverLining.

  • 220 Central Park South
  • 220 Central Park South
  • 220 Central Park South
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